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War God Asura

By Kindhearted Bee (Shan Liang de Mi Feng)

Chinese Raws

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He was the useless trash thrown out by his family, but was helped by a higher being and reborn.

He was the orphaned son of a peerless genius, who sealed his power to hide his talent.

When he unlocked his powers, regaining his abilities, he became the continent’s most dazzling star.

Watch how he faces new difficulties and struggles, overcoming the impossible, and achieves the legendary realm of the War God.


Table of Contents:

Volume 1: Rebirth of a Genius
Chapter 1—The Abandoned Genius
Chapter 2—The Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 3—Rebirth of Confidence
Chapter 4—One Year of Bitter Cultivation
Chapter 5—An Invitation Card
Chapter 6—The Three-Clan Assembly
Chapter 7—Alluring Rewards
Chapter 8—Lu Zhan
Chapter 9—A Valiant Confrontation
Chapter 10—Feng Jizi
Chapter 11—The True Strongest Person
Chapter 12—Feng Lao
Chapter 13—Joining the Mercenary Group
Chapter 14—The Legendary Soul-Devouring Succubus
Chapter 15—Want to Sneak Attack Me?
Chapter 16—Releasing the Seal
Chapter 17—Xing Jue’s True Identity