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Currently, we are working on The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils.

Chapters for Corpse Ruler are released three times a week.

XLZS has been discontinued because of monetization of chapters. We’re not rich, y’all. Yorasu Novels has reached out about picking it up.

Does anyone even read Wan Gu Xian Qiong? Lol. Being retranslated by DragoninWhite.

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Hiohbye—A high-school freshman sophomore with too much time on her hands. She got into wuxia novels when her mother started pressuring her to “connect with her culture”. She enjoys watching anime and having no life.

Angie—Hiohbye’s deadbeat friend from China. Enjoys yaoi and is the unwitting dictionary to all of Hiohbye’s translation questions.


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